My work can be divided into two broad categories: technical writing for non-technical audiences and reviews of active travel destinations for enthusiast-level participants. My client base includes trade and consumer periodicals; commercial, industrial/manufacturing, and construction companies; and pretty much everyone involved in outdoor recreation such as resorts, bike shops, and visitors bureaus. I do all types of technical writing, from service pieces to listicles to success stories of businesses that have used technology in unusual and innovative ways. But I specialize in applications stories. Applications stories explain how end users are applying technology in the field. An application story is the perfect hybrid, combining the information of a technical piece with the appeal of a human interest piece. Because it’s informative and fully explains technology, it’s of more value to readers (and clients) than a regular human interest story. And because it has the appeal of human interest, it’s more accessible and memorable than a straight-up tech article. Whether an application story is the right choice in a given instance is something I help clients decide. If another approach will work better in achieving the client’s goals, I’ll work in that format. My travel pieces are aimed at enthusiast-level participants because they’re the ones that drive the active travel market. They’re also the most underserved.  The bulk of active travel writing is written for either competitive athletes or family travelers for whom the activity is a tangential interest. Taken together, these groups comprise 15 or 20 percent of all participants. The other 80 or 85 percent is made up of enthusiast-level athletes who are struggling to find meaningful information. I also tend to focus on lesser-known destinations to provide clients with exclusivity and readers with unique insights. Although less well-known, these destinations are highly appealing and are often local or regional favorites. I write about all types of outdoor recreation, from caving to disc golf, but my specialty is bicycling, both road cycling and mountain biking. My wife, Julie, and I maintain a website of active travel destination reviews,, where you can see the types of places we cover and the information we provide. I deliver a package with everything you need, from text to photos to model releases and even mechanical drawings and other specialty graphics when they help explain the topic. Formatting is consistent with your stylebook and includes decks, subheads, pull quotes, captions, callouts and similar elements if you spec’ them. I commit to a specific dollar amount before work is begun and upon completion I issue one integrated invoice that includes all costs and fees. If change orders are required, they are approved before work continues. My goal is to help you envision the potential of your project. I then deliver everything necessary to meet that potential. At the same time I work hard to develop an ongoing business relationship where I am the most reliable, consistent, and creative contractor you’ve ever known.
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