Welcome I’ve been busily reworking my professional life over the past several years and continue to update this website to reflect the changes I’ve made. Change has been the one constant in my life (as Heraclitus of Ephesus would have predicted) and this is just the latest. I started free lance writing and photography in 1985 and turned to it full time in 1991. The markets I’ve served in that time are, in order: motorcycling, bicycling, and construction. I no longer write about motorcycling. I’m taking my bicycling expertise to DMOs (destination marketing organizations). Construction is in maintenance mode; I continue to serve existing clients but am accepting new clients only by referral. The foray into Christian nonfiction is an entirely new direction for me and the one that holds the most promise. You can keep up with me on LinkedIn.  I occasionally email tips to help promote bicycling. You can sign up to receive those emails using the link on the Bikes & DMOs page. Or if you just want to get in touch, go to the Contact page for the necessary information. Life is good, Inc. reminds us through their ubiquitous consumer products that “Life is good.” I disagree. Life isn’t merely good. Life is fabulous. If yours isn’t and if you fall into one of the sectors I serve, I can help you get to fabulous.
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